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Meet Dave

Meet Dave

Meet Dave

David Schmidt

Hi, I’m Dave and I’m 30 years old.

I make confetti and sell it online to anyone who is having a celebration or looking to add some COLOUR and JOY to their day.

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  • We love seeing Dave’s confetti being used as a prop in photos. It’s especially great around this time of year when everyone is CELEBRATING! .
@desireedalesphotography is running a holiday promo for anyone looking for some cute snaps of their kids. Head over to her page to learn more.
  • We love seeing Dave’s confetti 🎉 being used in photos. Thank you @choosearow for tagging us and we agree - Durban is the BEST! .
This weekend Dave spent time with his niece, he did some Christmas shopping but it’s a big secret what he bought. He’s good at keeping secrets. He slept in on Sunday morning and then had tea with his family before heading to salt rock to spend the week with his brother and sister in law. .
Hope you all had as wonderful a weekend.
  • Colorful confetti is EVERYTHING!! The December holidays are coming up and Dave will be taking a little break (we hope, for our sake 🤪) so get those orders in early for your December events. 📸 @mitchpohl .
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  • This is where it all began. Dave was hired by @hoorayweddings in 2015 to create confetti for the wedding industry. He arrived at his interview dressed in his smart clothes and answered all the questions with confidence and a big smile. This was the beginning of something big for him. 🎉💕
  • 📸 WIN a photo shoot with @derrynschmidt & @learningfromluke .

This is Luke. Isn’t he a cutie? Just like Dave, Luke was born with Down Syndrome. His mom Jess has created a blog @learningfromluke and has spent the month of October running an awareness campaign #justlikeuskids
Let’s send some love to every family out there who has a child born with DS. Drop your favorite emoji below and let love and happiness flow in celebration of World Down syndrome month. (If you have a child born with DS, I hope you feel the joy sent with every emoji)
Don’t forget to head the Jess’s page to enter. Dave will be sending the winner a little box of confetti too 🎉
  • This color is called Blue Lagoon - it’s Dave’s favorite. 💡 For an exciting gender reveal, pop a handful of confetti into a few black balloons and have everyone pop them at the same time. 🌈 Head to the link in bio to make your purchase.
  • Dave's love of weddings and confetti began in October 2014 during this EXACT moment. He got so excited about his brother's first kiss that he jumped up and showered the couple with confetti. This is one of Derryn&Mark's happiest moments from their wedding day. ❤👏🎉 Thank you @micaelakarinaphotography for this clip
  • Did you know that October is Down Syndrome Awareness month? Our friend Jess has an amazing blog where she chats openly about her life with her two kids, one of whom was born with Down syndrome. Please go check out her account. Shes doing such awesome things to bring awareness to the world. This is Luke, Jess's first born. Hes an absolute honey! Dave and Luke met at the #justlikeuskids shoot and I'm sure they will be seeing a lot more of each other. @learningfromluke
  • Confetti! 🎉 the uses are endless. What would YOU do with a box full of confetti? Pic from @confettiacademy


Baby showers, weddings, birthdays, all parties, just for fun, to make a dramatic entrance, when you wake up in the morning, whenever!


Get your confetti and have the best day ever!

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