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Meet Dave

Meet Dave

Meet Dave

David Schmidt

Hi, I’m Dave and I’m 30 years old.

I make confetti and sell it online to anyone who is having a celebration or looking to add some COLOUR and JOY to their day.

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  • Have you seen the Easter range by @cakelabsa? Did you know that you can order online??? Dave’s confetti was used in all the product photos to add a little color 🎉
  • Meeting Val and Murrell has been the highlight of creating this Valentine’s range. Seeing the sheer delight as they realized someone was surprising them with a little gift was amazing to see. .
Sometimes we forget what a small gift or gesture can do in another’s life. .
  • Valentine’s orders are on their way. @cakelabsa Foxicles, chocolate hearts, Dave’s lunch box confetti and balloons will all be with their loving owners by tomorrow afternoon ❤️🥰🎈thanks to all who supported Dave’s Shop - you have given him a great gift and he’s feeling the love.
  • Dave’s confetti made their way into @ashleyknightco push pops. What a sweet and fun way to use confetti.
  • Orders close as midnight tonight!! Have a look at our story for the range of products.
So far every single order has come from a female. Tag a man who you think might need a little nudge.
Orders: www.davesshop.net
  • Still on the hunt for Valentine’s presents? .
Grab a bag of @cakelabsa white chockies and a bag of confetti for R45.
Thank you Lucy for being SO generous and making these chocolates for us. .
Head to Dave’s shop to place your order.
  • Today is Wednesday which means you have 3 days left to get your Valentine’s Day order in. ❤️ Heads up guys: if she says she doesn’t want/need a present for Valentines day ... what she’s saying is ‘I want you to want to spoil me so much that you get me a gift even though I said I don’t need one’. Make sense? No? That’s ok - just trust us on this one.

Shop: www.davesshop.net
  • 📣 Monday-Friday ONLY!
Head to Story highlights to see the full range of Valentine’s Day products Dave and @cakelabsa have prepared for you.
Valentine’s Day is a great day for grand gestures and to show your loved ones how appreciated they are. We have confetti, chocolate, foxicles and balloons.
Prices range from R20-R175
  • Who will you be spoiling this Valentine’s Day?
👫 your spouse?
🥰 your crush?
👧 your child?
🧕🏼 your friend?
👨🏾‍💻 your colleague?
We have something for everyone. 
Dave’s Valentine’s Day range is available to shop and will only be online for 5 days.
1. Foxy Lady kiffsicles x4
- @cakelabsa chocolate cake dipped in white chocolate. Pack of 4 sits on a bed of confetti and packaged beautifully in a box with bright ribbon. 
2. White chocolate hearts
200g of @cakelabsa solid white chocolate hearts with sprinkles + a small bag of confetti. 
3. Lunch box confetti 
Pink, red + white tissue paper with a sprinkling of bright colors. 
Add a helium balloon to your order 🎈 for R35 to make a big impact.
Head to the highlights for more information.
Shop here: www.davesshop.net.
P.s - Dave is single. 
P.p.s - He’d really like a girlfriend.


Baby showers, weddings, birthdays, all parties, just for fun, to make a dramatic entrance, when you wake up in the morning, whenever!


Get your confetti and have the best day ever!

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