I’m Dave and I make confetti.
I was born with Down Syndrome which means that I have an extra chromosome.

More About Me


I love my family

When I am not working (cutting confetti) I am playing putt putt in my room, watching soap operas/wrestling, playing with my niece, taking care of my dogs or I am out with my family.

I have a loving mom, dad, sister, brother, sister-in-law and niece.  I love spending time with all of them, especially my incredible niece!

and instagram.

I also love to browse Instagram late into the night.

I live at home with my parents in Durban and spend a lot of time at my brother’s house in Salt Rock.

I'm a quiet and gentle person.

I also love to party with my brother and friends. My favorite drinks are Fanta and Cream Soda (or beer when I’m out with the guys). My favorite food is a steak pie and my favorite dessert is vanilla ice cream.

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